We generate videogames
with educational content applied
with technological innovation.

We create virtual adventures,
fantasy, science fiction, terror,
simulator design, we apply business
technological innovation, among others.

Custom projects, Corporate
applications, multiple platforms:
(mobile, desktop and web).

“Exclusive games, developed for the Interactive Museum of Las Condes MUI”

Educational game with a vertiginous adventure through Easter Island, full of places and characters that involve themes of myths and legends of Rapa Nui. Developed for VR platform (virtual reality).

Interactive didactic adventure in virtual reality. Educational experience with an ancestral adventure through Mapuche lands, with a history and characters that involve myths and traditions of the Mapuche people.

Runner style adventure with a mythical legend that goes back to southern territory and areas of Patagonia. In the intense search of the City of Los Césares together with the help of the Indian Caucalán.

“Exclusive games, developed for the Interactive Museum of Las Condes MUI”

Stealth and strategy crossing, the unknown heroine Inés de Bazán, helped the city of Castro not be destroyed by Dutch pirates in the seventeenth century.

VR shooter game based on José Miguel Neira, the “Bandolero del Maule”, an unknown character who, between 1815 and 1816, helped Manuel Rodríguez to attack the Spanish troops that ravaged our country.

Game with tower defense mechanics. Ignacio Carrera Pinto, captain of our army who fought in the Pacific War, and who gave his life, along with 77 other soldiers, in the Battle of La Concepción (1882).

Discover the mysteries of Chiloé, in this adventure of suspense by the South from Chile, in an intriguing story with a great dark secret.

Help “Kai” overcome her fears and defeat
Selknam spirits through the dark forest
in this fascinating Patagonian adventure.

Interactive VR story based on the Work of
E.A. Poe. Project selected for international
competition Edgar Allan Poe Museum,
Richmond, Virgina.

Based on the story “The Dunwich Horror”
by the master of cosmogonic horror
H.P. Lovecraft, unique psychological
horror story of its kind.

Adventure developed for virtual reality and desktop.
Educational game of intrigue and suspense,
psychological thriller throughout southern Chile.

Various riddles and mechanics, solve riddles
of history, open portals with alchemy and
solve the case of the mystery in Chiloé.

Collect pieces, informative letters
and talismans throughout the journey,
which will help you unveil the dark sect
that is hidden in the forests of southern Chile.

Platform game for Android, based on the “Selk’nam”
ethnic group, is an adventure in Patagonia full of
magic and simple gameplay (swipe, tap & hold).

Attractive settings and characters, giant
spirits and sacred animals that will guide
you through mystical constellations.

Game in development, demo of
the first stage, defeat the spirit of Matan.